Shampoo 450ml

Moisteane Shampoo is a weak-acidity shampoo gentle on the hair and scalp. It washes your hair beautifully minimising dandruff and scalp itchiness.


Treatment 450ml

Moisteane hair treatment contains silk protein ingredient. Whilst caring for your hair and scalp it is a gentle conditioning treatment, which keeps dandruff and itchiness away. Leaving your hair shiny and beautiful a pleasure to touch.

(Point of hair and body care)
Basic hair care is in the shampooing.
Basic skincare is in the cleansing.
Sebum Secretion's in the scalp are twice as active as the rest of the body.
Poor care allows bacteria and bodily waste to accumulate in the skin pores and as a result affects the body’s metabolism, which can cause problems. Especially in summer when sebum secretion is most active, which makes it easy for bacteria to multiply on the skin and scalp. Shampooing and correct cleansing are essential.